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ASU Ltd is a company specialized in improving the agricultural sector in Uganda through: developing, provision and promotion of quality, appropriate and affordable agro-inputs as well as striving to develop their output market so as to make agriculture sustainable, profitable and a viable venture”. Therefore the company mission is “to empower farmers in the region through promotion of profitable and sustainable agriculture”.


ASU Ltd’s vision is “to become a major provider of improved quality crop seeds and other appropriate agro-inputs on a sustainable basis for the farming community of Uganda.”

ASU Ltd expects to achieve this through: customer focused partnering, marketing, promotions and sales expertise, including as well, Research & Development activities in quality seeds and Agrochemicals. ASU Ltd will work to improve food security and the quality of life of farmers in Uganda as well as to earn the farmers a sustainable business.


The company’s main objective is to expand its agro-input business and farmers’ output business and services in terms of quality and quantity in all agro-ecological zones of Uganda. The company goals over the next five years are:

• Invest in seed production, processing and distribution of various seed varieties.

•  Introduce new varieties through research as well as to diversify into other types of crop varieties, such as sorghum, sunflower, wheat, etc.

•  Further diversify into selling/distribution of fertilizers and agro-chemicals

•  Develop strategic alliance with suppliers and customers nationally and internationally

•  Acquire Machinery for processing, dressing and packaging of seeds, including maintenance and testing equipment for seeds and agrochemicals
•  Promote private-public partnership in agro-technology dissemination

•  Collaborate with researchers across the country to develop varieties that are demand driven for food security and market requirements.

•  Establish distribution systems that bring quality seed closer to farmers in rural areas

•  Establish demonstration fields and plots countrywide to give farmers information about new improved varieties and their benefit in crop production.

• Participate in corporate social responsibilities within the community, by ploughing back some of the profits for the benefit of communities in which operations are carried out

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